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Jordan series of products are both engraved like, regardless of how the professional team is reformed, always find everything fresh and new. The two pairs of by Ramses professional team transformation AJ 5 and AJ 10, the shoe body with simple color scheme, two pairs of shoes mainly adopts the water blue as the main color system, also in the bottom are added splash effect, AJ 10 in the bottom of the thick black, and AJ 5 bottom is in black, white, and blue gradient presented. But it seems that this pair of AJ 5 is more likely to highlight the theme, because the shoe body appeared mint leaves. Source: RAMSEESrevealed Jordan Brand for its Air Jordan 1 will usher in innovation as early as at the beginning of the month, for the new elements into the upper update of this classic basketball shoes. Today is the use of Flyknit technology to replace the original design of the woven leather uppers, one-stop shoe to bring a new comfortable experience, the network will be in one fell swoop publicly about the "Bred" and "Royal" color version of the Flyknit Air Jordan 1, and pointed out that in September to $$200 yuan for sale in more details. Please pay close attention to the follow-up reports HYPEBEAST. Click here to view full gallery at Air Jordan international jordan shoes online sale football Luxury Collection is not to hesitate in such a hot weather + noon scorching sun shines from the press release, but Vans and sacai do the double joint look let Xiaobian is blowing fan's sweaty shoes. This pair of shoes is called: inside out, it adds a lot of villi, based on Vans Old Skool and Sk8-Hi type of shoes on the inside so that you don't have to worry about not going to have a cold winter. However, the upper suede material, sacai with gray, black, although Sidestripe still remain white, but the shoe still looks like a little old-fashioned shoes, do not know when the market reaction will be how to launch. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog in 2013 in Taipei, the establishment of the functional clothing brand 4dimension. Since the establishment of the commitment to explore possibilities for future functional service, in fabrics, tailoring and details show the brand's unique personality, design inspiration often comes from science fiction movies and novels in the 2015 winter series, with Marx for the use of the word "alienation" annotation of contemporary science and technology continued to deviate from the original creator of the crisis. In the full story cheap foamposites background under, the design is with windproof, waterproof, breathable, anti tear etc. functional fabric production, with the three-dimensional tailoring, in all black tone, showing highly futuristic performance costumes. source: HYPEBEASTrecently by the village century in charge of the Japanese high street brand visvim released a YUCCA MOC BOOT don't note boots, although all major brands of Moccasin style boots has been filled, but had to admire is, as long as visvim improvement and new elements into, will get unexpected results. The shoe body with fine grain leather and blue suede fabric splicing, and equipped with a thick white midsole and outsole has function of black, followed in Moccasin and elegant style, to show the unique charm of visvim design. At present, the boot has been on sale in Concepts, like friends do not miss it. prepared for the next post, many long figure, if you just look at the picture does not look at the text, then don't ask any questions after the point is good, if you read my words, it was recommend. text: everyone has always liked to watch PK, especially in the evaluation, sports cars, computers, mobile phones, no comparison, how can I see the good or bad of both? The shoes are the same, today to write the two pairs of shoes jordan 3 katrina 2018 - Kobe 9 and Jordan 28, are not new, bought a long time ago, but I only have time to play carefully; before I took a picture, a friend asked me how the upper two pairs of shoes are so high, to the end. What better? Well, with his question, I wrote this comparative review to answer who is the king of the upper hand in my mind. Two pairs of shoes background we should be very clear, AJ XX8 than Kobe 9 to nearly a year before the tinker XX8 AJ is designed to work, is in the generation of the world's worst period, from 23 after Jordan almost no blood at all, especially the 2010~2013 three pairs, I to map up, you feel. When JB announced Tinker took 28 photos, we put this pair of shoes is sprayed into the slag, guard, officer boots show can be heard without end but I was molested, from the beginning of the new special love, in the end of science and technology and the upper structure, blew a AJ series from the ordinary track horn. Kobe 9 Elite is a sad reminder of unexpected products, Kobe great God Achilles tendon broken, making nike had to reconsider the Kobe to wear running shoes to play basketball rationality. For the grand launch of the 9 generation, but also specially made a "master of the road" activities, let Kobe all the way wearing 1-8 generations of master e Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale dition until 9, never expected... Are tears. it is interesting that the two pairs of shoes, have a very high initial pricing, spokesman also are not good in their play (Westbrook also disabled, but remember) in actual combat performance has been very high, I often see the evaluation of Nightwing233, he they are given a score of 9. It also makes me look forward to the performance of these two pairs of sneakers. ---------------------------------------------------- technology chapter -------------------------------------------------Before says performance, let me first analyze the two pairs of shoes from the details of the shape design: KOBE 9: The shoes of Kobe 9 are very slender, and the upper part is made up of flyknit[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] from the more than 100,000 players are eligible to enter the final of the Barcelona Global 100 elite young players, after a week of intense competition, the Nike Football Academy director Jimmy from 55 countries Gilligan and elite team coaches elected the 2012 "green contend Cheng" Final 16 list. shortlisted 16 players who will now open the ultimate train journey, visiting the world's best football associations and clubs, to experience top training facility, the only one of those places so as Nike So foamposites for cheap ccer Academy and final effort. They will work with the world's most famous youth teams including Manchester United youth team, Juventus youth team and youth team, including the United States the same field training and competition. In some of the world's top club coaches and scouts, they will have the opportunity to stand out and get a professional contract. This 100 outstanding young players converge Barcelona, ??located in Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium for the club training center for a week of training and competition. They have a common goal, it is to enter the final and ultimate 16 list. After the semi-final, 26 players won the qualification into the next round, the other players will regret leaving FC Barcelona's Mini Estadi small pitch. The coaches also will make a final list of 16 choices. It is worth mentioning that the famous referee from England's Howard Webb ? Enforcement of the semi-finals. "I would first like to say that 16 winners, your performance is great!" Nike Football Academy director Jimmy Gilligan said, "to stand out from the 100,000 players eventually into the final 16 players, I look forward to working with them to everyone. They should enjoy this moment, but in front of them there are still many things to be done. We will lead them to embark on an incredible journey of football, they will be and the world's best Youth team under a high. " For Gilligan, today's announcement of this unforgettable week draw a satisfactory conclusion. '' Greenery dispute process' activities are so various aspects in place, whether it is the coach, scout or as the protagonist of the players have played out their greatest ability. " As a special guest of the event, "Cheng fight green" ambassador, former France coach Laurent Blanc at the dinner announced the final list of winners. He commented:. "These young players have an excellent talent to progress and achieve their dreams and" green fight away "just gave them such a unique opportunity, and we will most likely future career Competition see their shadows. " As one of the final 16 contestants, from Spain's Gonzalo Balbi says: "I really can not use language to express my current mood, can ultimately selected 16 ultimate means to me too much in." Greenery dispute process, "I almost all of my capabilities are played out, I was so happy." The Ultimate 16 players get the opportunity to tour worldwide after training, will be ready in January 2013. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Nike at the beginning of the launch of the " ICE" " Lunar" and ", three; Jacquard" Air Max 90 series of shoes, shoes by the majority of fans praise, also indicates that the Nike for the classic shoes fusion of elements of success. The new colors were released in red and blue, complemented by white details. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in April, more information, please pay attention to. source: flightclub's new tour / Jordan / Nike Air Trainer Future is now offering SC II activity in blue / Black / White / red light comments on A: the new tour / Jordan Future A: Nike Air Trainer SC is now on sale / activity of II / Blue / Black / white light. Lifestyle grows although we now develop the opportunity of people finally. Nowadays we are on how buying a lookup within the latest Womens Nike Shox, which is a brand new quality. This shoe is really vibrant credited toward that veracity that almost the main upper arrives in the apple company. Air Nike shoes which in turn Nike first introduced through innovative cushioning know-how along with total palm. Nikes basketball shoes and professional in comparison with previous, the brand new Nikes Shoes which are upper Flywire technological know-how uses a bigger tensile muscle fibers. Indeed, this extramarital relationship came into being in Eighties and inside the near future, that triggered means of Cheap Womens Nike Shox Shoes. The shoes were considerably expensive with each annual release but obtain a rare enough edition with significant value and you also can resell the black-jack sneaker for easily triple the initial value The footwear as well makes new designs in support especially while using TPU an independent modular suspension process the shoe utilizes. The newest Hyperfuse 2011 release inside our Kobe And KD Shoes online shop. Womens Nike Shox Means Choose Good Quality Life" /〉 I like this news,and it's from2014, is the twenty anniversary of the birth of Reebok Insta Pump Fury; after a year to commemorate the first year of joint color, color Pump Fury once again usher in the new year. The purple, black and orange red color combination with retro atmosphere and unique way of lacing push inflation is still this pair of shoes is the biggest bright spot! At present, the shoes are sold in the European shoe store Suede, priced 160 euros. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: Suede