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although faced with the EU anti-dumping, RMB appreciation, labor shortages and rising prices of raw materials and other factors, Jinjiang footwear exports from January to May this year is still in steady development dilemma, showing a good momentum from "quantity" to "quality benefit type" change. from January to May this year, Jinjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau completed a total exports of footwear testing approved 25631 / 197 million 520 thousand pairs, the value of $559 million 870 thousand, and the value of batch export grew by 3.2% over the previous year and 8.4%, the number decreased by 7.5%, footwear exports average price growth of 17.3% over the previous year. this year, the shoe-making enterprises in Jinjiang have increased their scientific and technological input in the export of footwear products, adjusted the product mix, improved the quality and quality of products, and endowed them with higher added value. The national testing center of footwear to play their own information and technology, the lead organization of shoe of leading enterprises and famous research institutions at home and abroad Chinese Leather Research Institute, France CTC established R & D center, is committed to improving the technological content of products, and achieved obvious results. But , according to the Jinjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau responsible person, Jinjiang footwear exports to leisure sports shoes, the product is single, the relevant enterprises to export products are highly similar, vicious competition between products is relatively common, competition in the middle and low level, the whole Jinjiang footwear exports added value is not high, the hampered further improve product quality, to a certain extent. (Editor: admin)Air Jordan VI TD's version of the exposure The whole family can wear Air 01.jpg (171.58 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 13:12 upload 02.jpg (60.62 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 13:12 upload 03.jpg (58.02 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 13:12 upload 0 cheap air jordans online 4.jpg (61.36 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 13:12 upload 05.jpg (66.28 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 13:12 upload Jordan shoes 00 gyrus to "brand association by" and "designer battle" angle analysis, Nike and Adidas still it's a toss up, however, we are aware of clearly Kanye West's move to make the predominant tendency Adidas and boost the popularity that Adidas shoes popularity along a sharp rise, Adidas originals yeezy boost is to combine the two successful examples. This back to the music and innovative technology perspective, analysis of more examples to see the two major brands showdown. music manThe rise of fashion, many music with blessings, almost every successful brand such as Raf Simons, undercover, Givenchy, and with music unit relationship closely. Adidas from the beginning of the Run-D.M.C. era, to invite Williams Pharrell as a representative; however, Nike and Tang Wu, Z Jay, Eminem cooperation, only Drake negative music industry representatives of the responsibility. WestKanye year "the Yeezus Tour" ongoing like a raging fire, Kanye West announced from the move to Nike, Adidas, then "yeezy" has swept the world, to Adidas hand has a certain basis, the yeezy concept is extended to clothing. West Kanye also put its creative unit DONDA investment in which. Industry leading to a younger generation of Theophilus London, Samuel Ross as Nick Knight, Vanessa beecroft, are in the DONDA scope of cooperation and mobilization amazing ability, Kanye West also in high level creative atmosphere design yeezy series. Season Yeezy 2 conference, the costumes and the design of the scene are showing Kanye cumulative years of aesthetics, compared to the Nike's style is more complete. In this not revisit the adidas originals yeezy boost success, and high spirited Kanye's more in 2016: "facts", claimed that yeezy has gone beyond the air jordan, full of confidence. TPushaDONDA and Kanye West recently touted singer pusha T, just as clothing brand g.o.o.d. Music Manager, 2014 joined the ad〉Date: 2013-11-29 fan commissioning editor: Kobe HD: historical moment Kobe V 8 BOOTS review "this is the most exciting of a champion." What is the ratio between the peak of the victory of the people more cheerful? What's more, the rival is the Boston green legion, who had defeated himself 2 years ago. Two years, it is a chance to wait. To prove yourself again, to tell the world, the loss of honor, will be brought back personally!Crazy Light series basketball shoes have been keeping the record of the lightest basketball shoes in the industry. This summer, Adidas launched the third generation of shoes, adiZero Crazy Light 3, and broke itself again by 9.3 ounces (about 263.65 grams) (2 generation is 9.5 ounces, 1 generation is 9.8 ounces). (Editor: Chang fan)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to foreign reports, South China Agricultural University student Li Aihua although slightly worn pedal a pair of sports shoes Li Ning, his face was filled with pride. "Li Ning is our Olympic gymnastics champion Li Ning is China's most famous brand, so I am willing to support domestic products," Li Aihua expressed in Shangxiajiu Commercial Street. Olympic Games approaching, more and more young consumers willing to buy Li Ning, Anta and other branded goods. Li Ning, Anta, Erke, Peak, Conway and other domestic businesses also are trying to catch up the gap with the international sports giant Nike brand between. "compared to other international competitors, they naturally understand the Chinese domestic market, in addition they have a price advantage," JP Morgan analyst Wu Rui said, "Li Ning is undoubtedly the market leader in China who, because they created the earliest. " Analysts said the surge in China's consumption demand, sports is a great way investors profit. More people began to pay attention to the quality of life, in 2007 the country's total retail trade is $ 1.3 trillion, up 17 percent compared with the same period. Shanghai Rui before consulting company expects 2009 total Chinese sports market will increase in 2006 earnings of 384 million yuan to 720 million yuan. sharp front company, Nike in 2006 accounted for 16.7% of the Chinese sports market share, followed by Adidas, holds 15.6%. Li Ning, Anta, respectively, 10.5%, 4% in third and fourth place. But with the state-owned brand is gradually being recognized, their upside is still high. reclamation Xindi 2006 Li Ning Company with heavyweights O'Neal signed a 5-year contracts. Prior to Li Ning also sponsored NBA player Damon Jones, Hayes. Other domestic brands have followed, signing foreign players to seek a place in the international market. Rockets signed three players were Anta, Peak Shane Battier has been signed to $ 4,000,000. They are not just aimed at the US market. ANTA has been trying to sell its products in the Middle East and South Africa; Li Ning sponsored the Sudan track and field team; the North Korean delegation will be wearing clothing Erke debut Beijing Olympics. Some analysts have warned that because the competition is too fierce, profit margins sports market is dramatically compressed. And, according to Swiss bank statistics, by the trade unions have repeatedly put pressure on the apparel industry has been forced to raise salaries 10-20 percent. [shoes new shoes] - tasting the classic interpretation of chastity, all demonstrating the trend of Godfather Teng Yuan Hao style will become a classic, this habit of thinking is deeply ingrained, also has many classic styles of Nike Sportswear and his new tacit cooperation has become a collector's love, this station before the design x Nike introduced fragment Sportswear Tennis Classic Velcro detailed pictures with the network quickly show you, once again staged a classic fusion trend of the drama, the simplicity of the traditional tennis shoes shape gives a refreshing and clean feeling, Velcro design is more convenient to wear, Swoosh Nike unique has also become a part of a ventilation the upper Mini lightning to remind you to mark I really accomplished. I believe a joint route design and its wonderful chastity is bound by everyone in the pursuit of. fragment design Nike Sportswear Tennis Classic Velcro shoes fragment design x Nike Sportswear Tennis x Classic Velcro shoes "Vans 50th anniversary commemorative activities will last for 2016 year."! Today, third Pro Skate 50th anniversary double Vans shoe should have been published, this pair of shoes will be held on May 21st in the designated shops offering global skateboards, had two pairs of Pro Skate 50th anniversary shoe was dubbed "Vans Syndicate syndicate line heir" name, not only because it is the number of very small, just prior to the Vans? Syndicate shop on sale, but also because of its camera style and Vans Syndicate ever did. The Vans 50th anniversary commemorative shoes with a pair of Sk8-Hi Reissue Pro 81 shoes, the brand to commemorate the 1981 extraordinary significance of the year, the shoe body collocation of "White/Navy" blue and white color, toe heel suede and canvas with white side, Sidestripe side edge lines and edge to deep blue dotted line, in addition to in addition, as a member of Pro Skate, UltraCush HD is equipped with a natural professional insole cushioning protection convenient feet, strong, and Duracap reinforcement technology. 5 month 21 days, the shoes will be the global simultaneous release, the domestic number only in the Fly Streetwear VN000TVMJ6V, a sale, offering more information, please see the sale of [event] page view. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (89) share to micro-blog follow earlier "Coca" color, Boston fashion name concepts released with ASICs cooperation another pair of joint GEL-Respector shoes. In the name of "black widow", the shoes in the design of black throughout the luxury suede shoes, echoes of the tongue and the rear bottom is in bold red create contrasting, and insole also on the "black widow" spider pattern as details. Global set limit to 250 twin, and equipped with exclusive shoebox, "black widow" is in the concepts of stores and Miami pop up shop exclusive sale, interested friends may wish to take note concepts, official sources. source: Concepts