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today on the INS KAWS x Air Jordan again exposed the suspected 4 "Black Suede" - in the picture, this pair of shoes seems to have mass production, and looks and suspected sample shoe information before get Xiaobian received identical (for details, review jab me). looks like the sale date of these shoes is getting closer and I don't know when the news will be announced. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Teng Yuan Hao the Instagram VLONE x fragment design first exposure of two T-Shirt, of which the white back with a new pattern of large, the use of VLONE fragment and design Logo combination, another black is a fine pattern, is currently in the design stage. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! recently, American entertainment industry socialite, fashion designer, actor, gold. Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) online drying out according to the working group, jindajie stature is full, the sultry, sportsman assistant help more vests, husband Kanye staring. immediately download and install the artifact to grab a shoe artifact APP-- when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: sina sportsToday, has received from the recent survey on the highly anticipated basketball rookie Zhang Zongxian's letter, came from the HBL Road, to stand in his footsteps on the basketball court and continue to dash out of their own opportunities, is a road is very difficult, "give me the ball" do not give any chance to the friends letter to collate shoe to share, also share! Hello everyone! I am Zhang Zongxian and thank you for all your attention and encouragement, and this kind of support is the motivation for me to keep moving on the court. HBL final four final battle, all young players ready, ready to win the final glory in the final. I also stand in the HBL on the stage, let me start being able to see HBL, in every step of who I am, very pleased to be able to see HBL's younger students, on the same basketball with so much enthusiasm and momentum. give me skills, give me out, give me the perfect offensive and defensive, all my efforts foamposites for cheap , how many days of practice and sweat, is to give yourself a can not give up the dream, into the higher basketball hall. I know it's an easy way to go, but I won't let any difficulties become my excuse, but I'll try my best to try to get closer to my goal without leaving any regrets. I won't be complacent about a success, because every success is the beginning of the next challenge, I still have a long way to go, but I will go on. has gone through a lot of experience, and now I am more sedate and mature on the court. No matter how strong my opponent is, I won't be afraid of it, because that's my confidence! goes to the match and goes against it. Give me the ball, I won't give up the chance! Related links: Zhang ZongxianKXIV is a special unit, in addition to the implementation of many countries construction case, will shoe is deconstruction or implantation of a new material, and the designer of KXIV Nathan Kiatkulpiboone is an architect, this time to the famous Beijing Stadium "bird's nest" for Muse, 2008 for the Beijing Olympic Games and the construction of the home court hall, crack porcelain stone the line from the East, and coincidentally, during the Olympic Games were also knitting technology began to cause a new wave of revolution shoes. The field of architecture ideas into footwear design, perhaps shoes and construction seemingly take GA, are committed to the same goal, eye-catching appearance, comfortable interior, stable structure, there is no design boundaries. KXIV to Adidas UltraBOOST for the type of shoes, the bird's nest line into the body of the shoe texture, with wear-resistant polyurethane and Lycra two raw materials to do the shoe body coating performance, with irregular shoes tied to the system method, showing a complex network of interwoven, lace holes for construction of the shoe body and the bottom in Boost, and the 3D printing process to manufacture, new technology into people have more imagination for the future development of shoe design. Finally, this pair of shoes do not do foreign sales, it is better to use the angle of appreciation to feel what they want to express the story, into their own nutrients, perhaps someday can not be used. source: KXI lady Kevin Durant endorsement of Nike KD 6 will be launched next year's second color, black Hyperfuse with special geometric upper grain pattern, adding a fluorescent green and light blue details, this is lightning color, symbol KD was an irresistible forc jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black e attack energy. This color is expected to go abroad in January 11th next year, priced at $130, and there will be GS styles, priced at $100. source: NIKE STOREAs the alliance now power the rise of a great star dish, change for the entire NBA ecosystem, newspaper, advertisement not only the past few stars, can not help but have bring forth the new through the old sigh. Which make people feel very deep, in 2014 to 2015, the birth of four players speak of the shoes, has its own exclusive signature line is not easy to achieve, in addition to considering the team record, their skills, and a step by step accumulation of popularity, grown out of four stars so the environment, Wall Adidas J John Wall Kyrie Irving Nike 1, Kyrie 1, Damian Lillard Adidas D Lillard 1, and Stephen Curry Under Armour Curry One, the characteristics and charm of the shoe, you can through our exploration and finishing, to have a deeper on the four pair of new Signature Series understanding. color matching comparisonThe color shoes had not simple past, all kinds of alternatives to NBA field become more lively, even the team, the team in the use of basic color, also can add different details, like pattern or join star individual characteristics and so on, the appearance is a product of the mouth, will automatically help you to speak brand, effort to complete the design of shoe last procedure, in order to make it perfect for this pair of shoes. as a signature section of the first color, the meaning is more important, inspired by the Kyrie Irving Nike Kyrie 1 Speed Agility and 'Deceptive Red' was classified as Cleveland's Under Armour Curry One color home court, through the interpretation of the black color camouflage patterns, Golden State warriors. So it seems that Adidas perhaps more conservative, Adidas J and Wall 1 Basic Color Adidas D Lillard 1 the first two players are still the main color of the team, but in the details or with many different elements, is to let every pair of shoes is more prominent, suction eye. debut JOHN WALL adidas J Wall 1 is the first published a double, is also the first to be present in four double star on the shoes, in the summer of 2014 FIBA qualifying, had worn for fighting on the field, and in the NBA arena in the first stage is the opening game against the Miami heat, although the final results to lose end, but John Wall still get good performance with 16 points and 11 assists. KYRIE IRVING Nike Kyrie 1 might be the most bri jordan 3 katrina 2018 lliant pair of these four pairs of sneakers, Kyr〉Jordan House Of (Jordan flight Flight) today officially opened in Shanghai, Air Jordan opened the celebration of the Greater China region. During the next two weeks, including the "fly" (Jordan Wings) community youth support plan, and Flight Camp, "a" empty fight basketball activities will take "victory by me" (We Are Jordan) transfer the spirit and love of basketball to a new generation of fans, and encourage their courage to overcome challenges. Michael Jordan and legendary designer Tinker, Hatfield, and Jordan brand athletes will also participate in the celebration. Jordan flying department reviews legend Road Jordan flight management has a number of galleries and consumer experience link, exposure, Jordan thirty years of vivid stories and legendary history. The show includes: - is known as the "poet laureate" sports world famous photographer Walter Iooss shooting Michael Jordan classic photo exhibition - this is the Jorda n brand for the first time in the Greater China region to showcase these precious photos of Jordan flight management Walter Iooss Photo Gallery he once filmedNike officially launched the Breaking2 challenge program aimed at challenging and unlocking human potential. Like all daring dreams, Breaking2 eyed a fearless target to help runners finish the marathon in two hours. Many people find it impossible to do so because it represents a three percent reduction in the world record time of 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds. But it is this challenge that drives Nike forward, never outlining the blueprint for the future. To achieve this feat, Nike is working with a team of top scientific and athletic teams. This is an overall program for athletes, products, training, nutrition and the environment. Breaking2 explores the unknown and provides the human race with an opportunity to explore where the impossible boundaries are. It is the ultimate manifestation of the Nike mission: bringing innovation and inspiration to every player in the world. missionIn 1954, Sir Roger Bannister took the lead in running a mile (about 1.6 kilometers) in four minutes. Roger Bannister not only broke the record, he redefined the limits of the athlete's abilities and inspired the confidence of other athletes. Over the course of the year, 24 more runners completed the same feat. And this amazing story has inspired us - "to achieve impossible goals" - a belief embedded in the deep pote jordans on sale mens ntial of mankind. As Nike co - founder and legendary track coach Bill Bowerman once said, "the real purpose of running isn't just to win the game, but to test the limits of the human heart.". "."The core, Breaking2 means more than the marathon itself. The goal of two hours of Marathon racing challenges people's perception of the possibilities of the movement, resets expectations of the product, and allows the Nike to gain an amazing insight into the running. These experiences benefit everything Nike does, from the product to the service level, and ultimately to the benefit of all runners. Without the challenge, the fearless goal is the real failure. athletes? to finish the marathon in two hours means 26.2 miles (42.195 kilometers) of marathon, seven miles per mile (1.6093 kilometers). Even for the best runners in the world, it's a big leap. Nike spent a lot of time to determine the three elite athletes, they will be fully equipped for the challenge. Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya and Eritrea Ethiopia Zersenay Tadese and Lelisa Desisa have been eager to meet this impossible challenge, running a marathon, finished in two hours. They are not afraid of the unknown, or even 〉Basketball history and culture originated from (New York City) in the city of China adidas, NBA's official partner, has launched a series of New York star games. The sixty-fourth NBA star competition will be held in New York in February 15th. Adidas used this star race shirt to honor New York with a great basketball history. New York is composed of five very unique administrative areas, creating a Mecca called "sports, music, fashion and all walks of life"". Adidas inspired the classic jerseys design and early twentieth Century Barnstorming basketball team, designed a very concise, eternal New York star jerseys design. adidas New York star jerseys, with five different star symbols on each side, are uniquely designed to mark the five major areas of New York: the Queens Queens: the inspiration comes from the most famous Unisphere globe in the area. The Queens stainless steel track link was built for the 1964 World Expo in the Fala prairie Coca Cola park. Broolyn: Brick totem inspiration comes from Brook Lynch's unique Brownstone building, composed of all of New York's most populous region. Eastern Star team jerseys will be accompanied by a black name with the blue back, while the West Star team will use the white name and the red back. The font details on t air jordan 11 space jam for sale he East and West tags and patches salute Broolyn's nets home Barclays Center Stadium, while the New York Knicks standard font is used on the player's name and number. Without precedent in the history of the NBA star, the player's name and family name will be placed on the back of the jersey. adidas New York star warm-up clothing series, with black, grey and white as the base, emphasizing the glorious moment to celebrate each star member in satin and rank star badge. Each player's warmed up jacket will host their top honors, including NBA's most valuable player, rookie and star of the year, MVP and NBA championships. The adidas NBA New York star jerseys will be on sale at Adidas designated stores on January 23rd, at $2990. Will be the first to introduce Eastern guard John, Wall, striker LeBron, James and WestNike designed for KD shoes has always been a rich story for KD 7 is each has the official nickname, the latest exposure of Nike KD 7 "PG County" refers to the "Prince George s County, a county seat is KD's hometown of Maryland, posite space on the shoe body material the local map, and from the body of the shoe is not yet complete or can be seen using blue white red color, are interested in prospecting shoe have to wait, because of this pair of selling information is currently not yet published. source: moneytayweather10What-The-2014 sina sports news "What The" series derived from 7 years ago, for Nike SB Dunk Low an attempt, and now, it has become a Sneaker culture phenomenon. What The English in spoken language although simple but is the most natural cover and contain everything; and direct response to the quality of the thing of beauty and ugliness, zhikeyihui, can only be sensed. so, "What , The" invaded the gym and was closely linked with the word D-U-N-K. By 2014, Nike basketball plans to bring the concept of "What . The" into a new height with signature sneakers. KD VI 's origins, innovations, and adventures are part of Nike's DNA. From the first day, the founder of Nike Phil and Bill Bowerman; Knight; encourages all employees to have the courage to go beyond the limit, innovative ideas contain wild and intractable. 2007, Knight Nike skateboard designer James Arizumi; entrusted with the task, ask the responsible for the design of Nike SB " What The Dunk". This is Nike's first pair of shoes to mix and match all of the iconic colors. It tries to connect pop designers' crazy ideas with his design methods in pop art. LEBRON 11"I want to build a double with Nike all the best in the history of Dunk SB in one of the shoes, people see this pair of shoes is crazy want to say" What The ", James Arizumi said," the designer; we love that respect the past, embrace the future, now look at the "What the Dunk, this is the best manifestation." the public reacted differently to the shoes. Some thought it was interesting, but others were disgusted. The special edition seems to be the Dunk mutation - a classic basketball shoe born on the court in 1986, which has been developed as a skateboard shoe. The design transformation has brought countless loyal fans around the world to Dunk. relay in 2012, Nike basketball design team in Nike Kobe VII design, the pursuit of breakthrough . In line with the idea that Kobe always pushed innovation to the extreme, an idea came into being. Graphic designer Erick Goto by 〉The Levi's Fenom strike in the summer of 2009, pushing this one seven Chino wash pants, trousers three colors, dark green, dark grey, khaki pants, made by washing Chino cloth, so very comfortable, the side of the zipper is 09 new metal beads and zipper. Mouth after the right side of the bag is also printed on a like the color of the pants 3/4 lightning Logo, is one of the few very low-key design Fenom series, and in 2009 Roll Up has been designated the action made it a trendsetter, seven pants is designed for Roll Up and design.doesn't look at Nike's swoosh, and many people mistakenly believe that this Nike Toki Mid is a VANS shoe, and it does have the shadow of vulc and chukka in many places. The whole vamp is made of golden colored suede, and the color matching is very suitable for autumn color sense. Even Swoosh uses the same textures and colors. Noteworthy is the heel carbon fiber woven heel design, decorative at the same time can play a role in ventilation, appearance and color are quite concise. Can be regarded as a practical leisure money, this section is now available in Titolo, like friends can pay attention to. samples are always the most attractive, especially those that have never been exposed or marketed, because these samples more or less satisfy the daydream desires that many people can't satisfy. What we see now is a pair of Air, Jordan, III, 2000 version of the commercially available True Blue sample. Now called True Blue, it will naturally do this in color, the sample with the commercially available version of the biggest difference is that the blue burst pattern, a different color is red tongue inside part. How do you like the difference of this sample? Although the Miami team lost in the finals, Wade state does not perfect to summarize, but this does not deny that Wade's personal ability to score and in the team leader. Lining to let Wade as soon as possible out of the current downturn, especially create a quite passionate orange and grey color Lining Wade Road 2 Orange. The orange leather shoe body made with grey midsole, and grey everywhere on the details of embellishment, the overall effect is particularly eye-catching. 1.jpg (172.75 KB, download number: 2) download 2014-6-26 14:57 upload Lining, Wade Road, Wade Road 2, Orange, lining 00 is the peak season, but the coldest winter. Over the past few weeks, the reporter visited the part of the Pearl River Delta export-oriented wholesale market, affected by the economic downturn in Europe and America, north of the war, the Guangzhou footwear exports suffered a hitherto unknown winter at the end of the year, in November last year, since December, total exports of footwear wholesale market being cut, warehouse idle rate more than 2; foreign trade shoes 450 stalls, at the end of 2010 is stationed businesses get together the lively scene, at the end of 2011 is 9 shops closes down a bleak picture. 90% shoe shops closed The city is located in the famous days of Fuxin Tongde shoe base, building a total of more than 450 stores. Tongde shoe base manager Liang told reporters that the beginning of 2010, footwear enterprises get together in the peak of the more than 450 stalls rental rate of 98%. but in less than a year, great changes have taken place here. In December 13, 2011, the reporter went to the Fuxin City City, I saw a building most of the shops have closes down, a rough count, still open the door to the business of doing business less than 50 households. In which, reporters also found that the number of sellers more than the number of buyers, the business should still stick to the "shoot"". warehouse 20% no one cares, The decrease in business is directly reflected in the utilization of the warehouse! Xicheng Tongde shoe base manager Ling Zhiqiang told reporters: "at the beginning of October each year is the export season, 2010, the base depot is not enough, many burn themselves out, waiting for the export of shoes in open dumps! And 2011 winter, originally was foreign trade season, but only 8 into warehouse rental out, 2 into warehouse empty." problem 1 cash flow difficulties shoes backlog, resulting in some businesses cash flow difficulties, and even closed down! Guangzhou Xin Jia Shoes Co., Ltd. General Manager Lin Jianzhong admitted that although all their business is normal, but other enterprises closed down, so that it suffered two losses. "first times last June, because the Wenzhou foundry enterprises closed down, export shoes can not deliver in time; and in accordance with the contract, shoes can not be exported in time to pay liquidated damages, a total penalty of 20 thousand ~3 million."." " ," said Lin Jianzhong. second times last September, the processing enterprises declared bankruptcy, shoes can not be shipped in time, but also face a penalty for breach of contract, and finally pay 20 thousand ~3 euros!" " ," said Lin Jianzhong. problem 2 profit decreased by nowadays, even if successful exports can not earn much! Lin Jianzhong said, take his business as an example, 2010) in front of this from the emmanueLabor manual restructuring of the customized version of Air Jordan XX3 will replace the upper embroidery Python cortex, fluorescent effect material accompanied with rainbow colors, if you think this is not enough, then the sheepskin lined will this pair of shoes or a texture and grades. is a well-known American fashion store in the name of the Union Losangeles and New York home store with a Nike Dunk High Challenge Supreme both to cast a joint raid the market. In addition to other heavy gauge color is different, the name of the city from the rear of the shoe shoes and differentiate. Nostalgic but innovative Retro styling only limited one hundred, it seems Union and Union attracted outside the queue. This year will officially enter the 20th anniversary day forecast; Union will also launch a series of potential to do a joint single product to prove their current status. The shop name Nike Dunk High Challenge Supreme double joint models seems to be just an appetizer, not knowing what the future amazing goods will be launched? pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090413064100_0_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090413064100_1_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090413064100_2_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090413064100_3_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090413064101_5_.jpg